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Photo Enhancement | Makeup and Hair Styling

Nobody needs to look like a model

– In fact no really looks like one in real life! With my over 20 years of photography experience and advanced editing skills, I can make you can look like a Super Model! Photography is an art! Stop worrying about size, stretch marks, cellulite or any other perceived flaw. Through flattering poses, makeup, lighting techniques, use of props and photo editing, I can turn ordinary digital photos into Photographic Art.

My combination of photography and graphic design skills is fantastic for this kind of portraiture. I’m also an expert with Photoshop, which means I can adjust your photos to get precisely the effect you want. So be comfortable in your own skin! You are beautiful and there is no flaw that can come between you and the portrait you will cherish for a lifetime!

Photo Enhancement

With my expertise in Photoshop, I will remove blemishes, scars, stretch marks, reduce fine wrinkles, smooth out skin, sharpening and colour adjustments to make you glow.
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Extreme Body Sculpting and Advanced Photo Editing

Want to instantly reduce 20–30 pounds without diet and exercise, I can give you a body sculpting, which can transform you from size 10 to size 4 if that’s what you want!

Air brushing, manipulating bodies and faces, body sculpting, removing tan lines, eye glasses reflections, creative digital artwork and any special requests are available for an extra charge ($25-$250) per photo depending on the amount of editing.
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Photo Enhancement | Makeup and Hair Styling

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Thank goodness for PhotoShop!! You had to work really hard to get my skin that nice! I only wish it really looked like that! Thanks for the miracle.....!
Nikki S