Photography Workshops

Custom Designed Workshops

Have a passion for photography?
Want to stand out from the crowd?
Everyone is a photographer! More photos are taken now than at any other time in history, so you need that little EXTRA something to set yourself apart from the others; understanding lighting, composition, posing, colour contrast, A GOOD EYE, and last but not least Photo Editing.
With over 20 years of professional photography experience, Graphic Arts background academically trained and numerous awards, I will teach you How To Create Artistic Fine Art Images like you have never captured before!
For BEST QUALITY results, I offer a ONE-ON-ONE learning experience. Custom designed Workshops for your skill level and desired interests. All time is devoted to you, by far the best way to learn!
Rosa Wang Portraits WorkshopsRosa Wang Portraits Workshops

Workshop Outlines

Studio Lighting High Key & Low Key

• Learn how to control lighting from different directions
• Creating your own lighting sources
• Control remote light sources from your camera
• Using multiple light sources
• Proper exposure control with strobes
• Aperture and shutter speed techniques


• Learn how to get the most out of your subject
• Where to place arms and legs to flatter your subject
• How to pose uneven body and weight, uneven eyes, uneven face
• Posing to hide unwanted areas
• Pose standing, sitting, kneeling and laying down
• Using props and furniture to help posing


• The “Rule Of Thirds”
• Using depth of field
• Using negative space
• Create the soul of an Artistic Image
• How to compose before you click the shutter
• What to capture, and leave out of the image
• Turn so-so subject matter into a masterpiece

Photo Editing

• Transform an ordinary photo into magazine cover quality
• How to crop photos, you can create a stunning image or ruin it
• Filters, layer masks, blending modes… all of the tricks
• How to edit skin correctly and realistically
• Apply makeup like a pro with PhotoShop
• Weight reduction the easy way

A beautiful model will also be included and Model Release form will be signed, you will be able use the photos to expand and update your portfolio.

And much, much more…

This is an intensive Workshop, over 20 years experience, THE ESSENCE of producing artistic photographs!
Space is limited so if you have a passion for photography and would love to improve your skills, take action now, you are one day closer to making your dream come true! Mark it down in your calendar and let your new journey begin. Happy Learning.

Workshop Dates:

Due to the high volume of photo session orders, currently only one-on-one training courses are available for booking.

For booking and detailed info, please contact

Call Rosa: 416-559-7896 11am-7pm

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Read what our clients are saying...

Today, I trained with the best ROSA! She is an extraordinary, phenomenal, talented, creative, artistic photographer! A fantastic private photography lesson/workshop. If this remarkable talent was a sax player, she would have been Bobby Keys! Yes, she's that good!! When I seek to be taught, I am more than happy to pay for the best. Learning is life long.

The phenomenal photographer is none other than the ultra-superb Rosa Wang! Rosa not only shares her expertise, she is a natural born teacher. Her gentle creative spirit and welcoming manner, puts one at ease within minutes of arrival. ALSO, she provides the BEST models for the shoot! A rock star model for my lesson. Doesn't get any better than that! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
Heather M

I have recently completed two of Rosa's workshops. She truly is a talented photographer, instructor and mentor. Rosa's workshops provided me with the knowledge and skill to take my photography hobby to the next level. Her understanding of both a student's needs and the model's talent make for a perfect combination.

I can't wait to the next one!
Jason H

As an experienced Photographer, I was doubting I would learn anything new and thought I might be wasting my money. However, that was not the case!!! The course offered a lot more than I originally expected and was a big boost for my Boudoir Photography skills which I am interested in. The one-on-one class was a much more efficient way to improve my skill level compared to the group classes I used to join at other institutes.

Rosa tailored the class according to my level and prepared for it well in advance. The environment was setup warmly, welcoming, calm, professional and respectful. Rosa designed the class according my level and interests, and the model and makeup artist were professional as well. After my two hour private course, I had a better understanding about model posing, lighting techniques and much more. Also, I got great shots for my photography portfolio!

It was a great experience with Rosa! Thanks again, Rosa!

Stella H

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