Rosa Wang - Award Winning Photographer And Team

If you asked me what makes me spring out of bed in the morning, my answer would be my work as a photographer. It’s what I eat, breathe and dream! But my work is not just about taking pictures. It’s about capturing the stunning, innate beauty of women. I take pictures of the most beautiful women in the world, like the one you see walking her dog every morning and the one who was ahead of you in line at the supermarket… women who are remarkably like you!

Rosa Wang Photographer
My mission is to create fine art photography that showcases your gorgeous beauty – a beauty that is normally hidden from the world and sometimes unrealized even by you! I’m passionate about creating images that flatter bodies. I love to put a creative new spin on the classic female nude. My photos just might change the way you see yourself forever!
With over 20 years of photography experience, I’m a master of my trade. As a graphic designer, an artist and a dancer, I find inspiration for creative compositions everywhere: visual arts, theatre arts, fashion! It is a terrific honour to be your photographer for such a personal portrait and I will create for you superb, unique works of art that feature your undeniable beauty and that you will treasure forever. I look forward to working with you!

Your Experience

Get ready for an amazing experience! Don’t worry if you’re shy; the studio is comfortable and private, and I pride myself on my ability to put my clients at ease! Come a little early so we can have a cup of tea and chat about the shoot. And don’t book too many appointments on the day of the shoot. Art takes time! We’ll work at a reasonable pace with breaks for makeup, clothing and set changes. By the time the shoot is done, you won’t believe how beautiful you feel!

For tips on getting the most out of your shoot, read Tips For a Fabulous Rosa Wang Photo Shoot!


Rosa Wang Accredited Fine Art Photographer

Accredited Professional Photographer of PPOC

PPOC Accredited professional photographers have the proven experience, knowledge and equipment to provide you with highest quality product in their area of expertise. PPOC’s Accreditation recognizes photographers who have reached a nationally accepted standard of proficiency and knowledge in photographic arts and are able to demonstrate their capability of consistently delivering image excellence that sets them apart as being industry leaders.

Photographers who have earned Accreditations have successfully completed the highest requirements from a panel of qualified judges across Canada. When you hire a PPOC Accredited Photographer you can be assured that you have hired a true professional.

Rosa Wang Award Winning Photographer Rosa Wang Award Winning Photographer Rosa Wang Award Winning Photographer Rosa Wang Award Winning Photographer Rosa Wang Award Winning Photographer

• Master Photographers International – International Imaging Competition, Judges Choice Award 2021

• Dancing Damsels 7th Annual Toronto International Women Achiever Awards, 2020

• Winner of The MARTYS AWARD for Media Arts Photography, Mississauga Arts Council, 2017

• Master Photographers International – Prestige Award, MPI 2017

• Master Photographers International – Achievement Award, MPI 2017

• Professional Photographers of Canada – Accredited Professional Photographer, PPOC 2016-17

• 2nd Place Canadian Association for Photographic Art – Digital Open Competition, Spring 2015

• 3rd Place Canadian Association for Photographic Art – Digital Fine Art Competition, Fall 2014

• First Place Greater Toronto Camera Club Interclub Competition – Monochrome Print, 2014

• Winner of The President's Trophy for Excellence in Photography, MCC 2012-2013

• Winner of Excellence in Digital Photography, MCC 2012-2013

• Winner of The Simmonds Print Trophy, MCC 2012-2013

Numerous photographs of mine have been featured in PhotoLife, Cosmopolitan, Professional Photographers of Canada annual winners gallery magazine, Parenthood, as well as several other fine magazines and online publications.

Meet My Fabulous Team

Rosa Wang Makeup and Photo Editing

Marya Moosa – Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

My collaboration with Marya began in 2011 and, ever since, we have combined our unique experiences and talents to create the most astonishing photographic artwork while exceeding our clients’ expectations. Mayra’s amazing makeup skills together with her natural ability to enhance and maximize your beauty, will make you glow and look steaming hot!

She approaches cosmetics as an art form and believes the entire body is a canvas, with make-up being an artistic element of your image. Hair, clothing, accessories and personality are the complementary extensions of your make-up, when all elements are finely tuned by Marya’s mastery, she will bring out the very best in you.

Marya has worked with acclaimed couture designers, models, artists and numerous bridal parties and has been a key collaborator on special TV programs, music videos and fashion shows.

Marya is very generous with her knowledge and skills, she will not only make you look fabulous, she is more than happy to share many of her valuable tips about makeup and hair, it's like having a free beautly class!!

Jessie Yaolan – Digital Photo Editor

Jessie is an extremely talented photo editor and graphic designer with a real artistic flare. Jessie and I met during our college days, when we hit it off immediately, becoming fast friends and successful collaborators. Jessie is vibrant, full of life, fun and a very happy person. Her passion for beauty and the arts comes through in every photograph she skillfully edits.

Her expertise and perfectionist ways ensure your images will look spectacular, true enduring masterpieces, while maintaining the stringent, professional requirements we all strive for at Rosa Wang Portraits.

Jessie is also a teacher, painter and dancer, making her a very talented individual and a lot of fun to be with!

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