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Time to show off your Beach Bod!

You've worked hard to get in to that skimpy bikini, exercising and dieting to shed those extra few pounds. You deserve to show it off! We'll capture it for you so you can show it off forever.

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Swimsuit Photography

Swimsuit 1

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Read what our clients are saying...

WOW!!! I had my hands over my eyes until it loaded and I was AMAZED!! You are absolutely amazing and made me look just as amazing!!! There is definitely some time spent in these, especially the 3-in-1 - that is by far amazing! You passed with flying colours and 5 stars and made it look even more creative and extravagant! Thank you soo soo much and wow! you are truly, truly amazing! I love them!

p.s. I am TOTALLY recommending you anytime anyone mentions anything about photography!! We will definitely keep in touch, however I hope to be contacting you sooner than later about more shots possibly =P.

Thank you once again for the experience, the friendship, the laughs ( and food:) ) as well as the work that blew my mind away !! :)

super happy jennifer :)
Have a very great new years as well, we'll see you in the new year :)

Rosa, It was so nice to meet you the other day when we were shooting for the calendar at Crystal Beach. I absolutely loved your work! I really hope that Rico chooses one of your images of me for the calendar. I really cannot wait to see the results from the shoot! You're probably very busy but I will look forward to seeing some of your favourite images edited. I'd really like to keep in touch and perhaps work together again. You are so great with direction and really understand how to make a woman's body look great when she poses.

Thank you for working with me I had such a great time :)
Suzanne H

Rosa, I had a WONDERFUL experience working with you & it was a great pleasure meeting you. The pictures all turned out Amazing, you have a great sense of style & you're always coming up with amazing ideas. I can say that this is the best experience I have had so far. I really look forward to working with you again.
Suzanne H

Hey Rosa,
I wanted to thank you for being a part of and such an awesome photographer on Sunday Nov 20 2011!

You are by far one of the very knowledgeable and excellent photographer's again I have worked with, I can't wait to see the products!

I apologize for not being able to go through with the second creative look, but I assure you that the next time we work together (hopefully soon January 2012) the creative look will be the main focus and our shoot will only involve the one look with the assurance and capability of having the entire day available!
Thanks again!
Tazeen Khan
Makeup artist

WOW!!! When I see them I can't even tell you how loud I screamed, thank you SO much they are Beautiful! I couldn't of asked for better than that.
Alyssa A

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