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I am passionate about my work,

so I understand the passion artists put in their career too. To stand out from the crowd, a headshot must instantly convey the subject's character and personality. It must seize the viewer's attention. For actors, this is particularly important, because you only have one split second to catch that casting director's eye.

This all important photo is your business card to the acting world, and represents you in the public eye. I will help you capture a portrait that conveys your unique personality, makes you memorable to the director, and gets you the part.

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Read what our clients are saying...

We actors are creatures of the Moving Image. We live Emotion In Motion. So it's a little ironic that our professional calling card is almost always a still photograph stapled to our resume.

That's where Rosa Wang comes in. Her images are never still. They flow. They vibrate. They are alive with energy.

Frame after frame she captures it... Emotion In Motion.

My first shoot with Rosa Wang was the most comfortable and productive I've ever had. She helped me get out of my own way and get the end result I was looking for... a bunch of still shots that actually looked like... the "Me" I want people to see.
Todd Thomas Dark

A testimonial for your fantastic work:

Rosa has a way of making you feel instantaneously comfortable around her, like an old friend. Forming a rapport so quickly made for an enjoyable experience that flew by quickly. Most importantly, I have photos that I'm more than happy for the world to see!

Thanks again, Rosa! And yes, you can link to my website if you like -
Brendan Jeffers

'I believe a lot of people struggle with finding a photographer that they are comfortable with. When I met Rosa, she instantly made me feel at ease. She takes her time to find the prefect shot - And really all you need is one. Her passion is art, and you can really tell that when working with her'

Thanks again Rosa :)
Brittany Smith – Actor

"A big thanks to Rosa for a great photo session for my 2011 actor headshots. I must express how happy I am with Rosa's work, especially considering that I was not an easy client to work with, because: a) I was very sick (nothing serious, just seasonal stuff) and by the time we were in the middle of the shoot, the effects of meds began wearing off; and b) I don't have an affinity with make-up... Rosa and her team did a great work and were very understanding, providing a relaxing and comfortable environment prior to, and during the shoot. Thanks, Rosa!",
Dulce Felix

Working with Rosa is not only a professional and well organized environment but is also a shared experience between two artists. Many photographers have a vision and use the subject as a prop to fulfill it, but Rosa takes the time to get to know you in order to capture the essence of the real person she is working with.

Rosa's passion for her art is present from start to finish and she leaves no question unanswered. Her work is meticulous and her heart is fully engaged in every moment. She has an eye for perfection and leaves no flaws in her final product. She will absolutely not let you leave her sight until you have precisely what you want in a photo. She explores the polarities of the artist, a darker edge or a soft femininity according to request. She allowed me to try what I thought would work in my own mind but in the end it was her artistic vision that captured exactly what I wanted. This lady knows what she's doing!

Elysia White - Actor

I actually sought out Rosa myself. My friend had photos done with Rosa and I found her work breathtaking. Also as a blogger I have many online mediums that involve pictures of myself and I knew Rosa was the person for the job.

During the shoot I was amazed by how focused Rosa was. Her passion and her artistry behind the camera was unfathomable. I knew I wanted to represent myself as a writer in my picture and she was able to capture that characteristic beautifully…. and yes the pen was her idea!

Overall the photo shoot was a positive collaboration and having done many photo shoots, I would have to say I was the most comfortable and happiest with Rosa’s work.

She is definitely the artist behind the camera because these are not just photos, they are pieces of art.

And even better… Rosa was able to make me look great!!

Thanks Rosa. You are a fantastic artist!!
Cole Douglas

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