Artistic Nude Photography

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You are a work of art

– and I mean you, yes YOU!! Throughout history the female body has been a timeless source of inspiration for artist. I portray the female body in a graphic style, capturing the sensual lines and the sculptural qualities of a woman’s shape. With dramatic composition and lighting, my photos will show you for the startling, uniquely beautiful muse you are – so beautiful, you will want to display these works of art for others to see!
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Artistic Nude Photography

art nude 1 | art nude 2 | art nude 3 | art nude 4 | art nude 5 | art nude 6 | art nude 7

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I absolutely encourage women and couples to try this life experience. I went into my photoshoot with my boyfriend telling Rosa, " My boyfriend is the liberal one and I'm more conservative." I was suggesting different positions and giving him ideas and Rosa.

I told Rosa I wanted classy nude pictures, that is exactly what my boyfriend and I got in out couples session and in my personal session. My boyfriend loved the experience too.

I've never done anything remotely like this in my life. For anyone who questions or doubts themselves, who thinks they don't have the confidence, You Can Do This! I am an individual who suffered from an eating disorder over six years ago, so this was truly a successful feat! This was an empowering life time experience, one that I will never forget!

About the photographer ROSA

Rosa, made my boyfriend and I feel very comfortable. She was enthusiastic, confident, and made suggestions as we went along. She wanted nothing but the best for us. Rosa's energy is upbeat and optimistic. When she was shooting she said our pictures were amazing and beautiful...which they are!!

I will recommend her to anyone. Life time memories and experience that is worth every penny!
Jennifer L

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