Boudoir Photography

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Celebrate your curves!

My artistic boudoir photos will bring out the confident, sexy side of you. Have your portrait done at a defining moment in your life, or when you want to give your sweetheart something special, or when you just want to celebrate being you! Bring along your favourite lingerie. With flattering poses and complimentary lighting, you’ll see how truly alluring you are!
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Boudoir Photography

boudoir 1 | boudoir 2 | boudoir 3 | boudoir 4 | boudoir 5 | boudoir 6 | boudoir 7 | boudoir 8

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Read what our clients are saying...

I am by no means a shy and quiet woman, and I have little problem being naked in front of others, but to have my photograph taken with the obvious purpose of looking alluring and desirable... that was a whole other ballgame. I'm a big believer in personality providing the basis for attractiveness, so I was still very self-conscious about taking photos where I was obviously "trying" to be sexy based purely on my appearance. I wasn't sure how anyone could capture "me" simply by snapping a picture that wasn't silly, sarcastic, inappropriate, friendly, funny and every other trait that all women have in their own unique ways.

I needn't have worried about anything; Rosa has an utter professionalism juxtaposed beautifully with a relaxed, welcoming manner. She made my poses feel natural and fun, and gave directions that I could easily follow. Our shoot was like a game of searching for just the ideal light, the ideal angle, and the ideal pose, only to find ourselves creating unexpected magic moments (as Rosa calls them) along the way. I absolutely ADORE my final photographs, and I will look back on them with great pleasure for the rest of my life.

Thank you, Rosa, for helping my personality come out in memories that will last a lifetime!
Michelle C

This was my first photo shoot ever and Rosa made this a wonderful experience for me. She is such a wonderful, warm and outgoing person and I felt very comfortable with her. I absolutely LOVE my pictures- it’s exactly what I wanted. Sexy yet tasteful. These memories will last a lifetime and I can’t wait to go back again!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Sandy S

I just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed myself at the photo shoot. I never thought my pictures would look as good as they do, you captured me beautifully. Even just seeing the unedited photos I was shocked, they have given me new sense of confidence. I'm excited to see the finishing touches and look forward to doing another shoot with you in the future.

Thank you,
Nichole D

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